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 Artificial Life/Organizum and Robots Related

Engineering life from Scratch -- Creation of a Bacterial Cell Controlled by a Chemically Synthesized Genome

New business idea for creating local solar electricity grids, for a greener future.: When building a solar panel system, we need to look at three variables: space, usage, and the weather. We can not do much about the weather, but the space and usage could be leveled out by connecting local houses, by creating local solar grids, in a neighborhood.
Solar-powered animal: Apparently, the slug has stolen essential genes from a marine algae, and integrated them into its own genome. These genes allow it to make chlorophyll and important enzymes that are essential for photosynthesis.
Algae uses quantum mechanics to help it suck sunlight.: Dr. Greg Scholes investigates quantum mechanical phenomena, he looks at green slime. Dr. Scholes is a physical chemist at the University of Toronto and he's found that a common marine algae uses the properties of quantum mechanics to help it suck sunlight.
How much solar panels you need: It is not realistic to assume that we can cover all electrical needs by putting up solar panels, at least not now. A target of 10%-20% of the total use be solar energy is more realistic. And also, there is no point spending that much money, as the cost of solar panels definitely will come down in the future. But to target 10% of your electricity needs to be obtained by solar panels, is reasonable, for the sake of the environment.
Sugar-based Economy : That would give the potential to solve two problems at the same time, the two most difficult problems mankind is facing, today. Those two problems are Global warming, and the need for Renewable energy.
Manufacturing with Microbes : The performance of photovoltaic devices could be improved by using rationally designed nanocomposites with high electron mobility to efficiently collect photo-generated electrons. Single-walled carbon nanotubes exhibit very high electron mobility, but the incorporation of such nanotubes into nanocomposites to create efficient photovoltaic devices is challenging..

Intension movement is always slower than Reaction movement: The Neuroscience of a Gunfight. -- The person who initiated the action actually performed the task more slowly than they would if they'd been the person reacting.
Blindsight: Seeing without knowing it : What about seeing something when you think you are totally blind? What about navigating around obstacles that you cannot see and aren't even expecting?
Collective Intelligence (Women needed) : t's not the intelligence of the group members. Dr. Woolley has found that intelligent groups don't necessarily have the smartest members, they have the most socially sensitive members, and very often those members are women.
Print Organs for Transplant : Finding ways to build new organs outside the body, from the body's own cells..
First Manifactured Vitro Hamburger  : Eat the Animal without killing it. You can have the animal and eat it at the same time. It will be first possible in London, Ontario, Canada.
Paid to be a Consumer : In the future we may need to compensate people for being a consumer, as most of the work will be done by machines and computers.
Mandatory basic minimum income for everyone. : In the future we may need to compensate people for being a consumer, as most of the work will be done by machines and computers.
The Right hit to the head may help.: Becoming a Mathematical Savant: How Jason Padgett was Struck by Genius

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